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World famous Philips Classics Recordings in their days used Audiostatic full range electrostatic loudspeakers as their monitor loudspeakers.

Extremely fast with a superb resolution

Now time has come for the introduction of a completely new full range electrostatic loudspeaker that brings together all knowledge gathered during the last 40 years in a pure full range electrostatic loudspeaker with relatively small outside dimensions and a very competitive price, the MD i.

This Mirror Drive coupled interface guarantees a superbe low frequencies response in almost every room, with an extremely fast and straight signal processing and a superb resolution.

Main specifications


Export price: € 2990,- per pair ex works. We ship direct to customers woldwide. For shipping and handling costs please contact Audiostatic.

Stereophile test reissue

On their website Stereophile recently reissued the test Audiostatic ES-100 loudspeaker.